The location

Bekris Shipyard is in a special geographical location: Ampelakia, Salamis. A location suitable for every boat owner. The yard's facilities cover an area of over 28,000 m². and can accommodate dry docks up to 27 meters (90 ft) in length, 4 meters (12 ft) draft, with a maximum displacement of 100 tones.

The people

Our team now numbers 15 permanent employees, along with an extensive network of permanent external collaborators, covering a wide range of specialties. We cover emergency repairs to extensive aluminum, stainless, GRP, wood or steel jobs. At the same time, mechanical works, high pressure hydraulic, electrical & electronic works, dyes (anti-osmotic, antifouling, general dyes), and refrigerants.

Our facilities

Our facilities mainly consists an extensive boat parking area that can accommodate up to 45 boats at the same time. The shipyard is staffed with security personnel on a 24-hour working basis and has full insurance coverage of all risks.

The sea front, with a total length of 270 meters (and with a safe draft at 4 meters), has two poles and one iron junction for the ship's salvages and launchings. The salvage & launch is served by a Travel lift (Marine Travellift - USA) with up to 100 tones lifting capacity. Each vessel has its own water and electricity supply.