One of the most complete shipyards in Greece in terms of facilities.
The shipyard of Bekris has a wide range of facilities, equipment and staff to offer the following high-level shipbuilding services:

Shipbuilding Services

Haul out - Launching
By a Travel Lift 100. Under the long term experience, our clientele exceeds an average of 100 boats per year.
Painting works
Simple antifouling - Anti-osmotic work - Scraping of boats, covered by a special heat-shrinkable plastic.
Mechanical services
Checking, Replacement & Repairs on Shafts and Propellers - Insulations - Engine Testing & Repairs - Pumps - Power Supply Systems.
Electrical services
Wiring Control & Replacement – switchboards - Automation & Electricity Repairs.
All necessary repairs on superstructures and boat hulls - Remodelling, Decoration and interior renovations – Wood maintenance.
Rolling mill - tubular
Welding (oxygen and acetylene), Machine tools for boring and processing, Presses, Lathes.
Air conditioning works
Cooling & Heating - Desalters - Ventilation.
Waterblasting - Sandblasting
Adjustable water pressure: (250/500 bar)
High Pressure Automation (Pumps - Cranes - Steering Wheels - Thrusters).
Haul out - Ship docking
Insulating works
Additional facilities
As the shipbuilding services are becoming more and more sophisticated everyday, we have equipped our new facilities with the most modern service stations:
  • Electricity power
  • Water
  • Garbage collection
  • Sewage disposal, and
  • Firefighting


  1. The electricity grid consists of supplies in all the necessary voltages: 380V, 220V, 110V, 42V and 24V.
  2. Warehouses and bathrooms are available to serve crews and Captains.
  3. Our premises are covered by WI-FI spots.
The security system of the facilities of the Bekris Shipyard is certified according to the ISO 9001 standard. The system includes:
  1. Closed circuit TV (CCTV)
  2. Fire safety system in all premises with a total length of 1,200 meters
  3. Security guard 24/7
  4. Lloyds insurance coverage
  5. Anti-pollution protection, and
  6. Polution prevention systems
We have the following equipment to support and deliver our services:
  1. Travel Lift (100 t.)
  2. Trailer “Cimolai” (60 t.)
  3. Forklifts (2 vehicles)
  4. Floating platform (10 sq.m.)
  5. Customer service vehicles
  6. Scaffolding stages for multi-tasking purposes