1962: The beginning

Bekris Shipyards "raised their sails" long before their actual establishment. It was in the early ‘60s, when Fanis Bekris – an “old batch" shipbuilder - driven by his passion, started offering shipbuilding and ship conversion services. In the next years that came by, some famous shipbuilding projects have been signed by Fanis. Craftmanship, commitment to excellence and passion helped him transform years of experience into a modern unit for the maintenance, repair and wintering of luxury yachts. Thus, in 1985 he founded the “Th. Berkis & Co. Ltd.” and chose the strategically located island of Salamis and the Ambelakia area as the commercial base of operations.

1985: The continuation

In 1985, Management and Operations have been handed over to the next generation of the Bekris family: "A fine example of a family business continuation". Especially nowadays, the economic reality and the specific characteristics of the Greek market forced us to adopt the business norms and standards of the international competition. Here, at the "Bekris Shipyards", we are constantly growing our turnover; we establish important new partnerships and we deliver an immediately recognizable high quality standard of services.